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Salt River Studios are situated just 3km from the famous historical landmark of Cape Town’s 500yr old castle and housed in and around the old Blacksmiths workshops of the “old” South Africa’s Railway Carriage Manufacture Depot of Transwerk Park in the colourful suburb of Salt River.

Salt River Studios main aim is to add to the city’s growing film, television and advertising industry and compliment the already well established studio facilities in and around Cape Town.

Film makers from all around the world already shoot on location all over the city, but this large facility, in the heart of Cape Town, affords the opportunity to build sets and produce segments in a huge dedicated indoor environment conveniently located just 10 minutes drive from central Cape Town.  The vibrant Salt River station is a mere 5 minutes walk away.

The commercial neighbourhood boasts the popular Biscuit Mill development with its weekend market along with nearby restaurants, supply stores and other film related businesses such as prop houses, construction workshops, fabrication facilities and established production companies.   Salt River Studios has a gritty urban feel and whilst it is not a Sound Stage it boasts a 17m cyclorama and raw warehouse feel, perfect for a variety of looks. The space may be altered to suit your needs.

In addition to the 5500m2 of floor space we offer various production facilities, offices and areas to hold and assist with the all important back-up that often accompanies film, photographic and commercial advertising shoots.  Dedicated parking facilities for technical trucks, generator equipment, star wagons and crew transport, make up the outdoor floor space offered by Salt River Studios.

Furnished production facilities can easily house a production crew, construction and / or art department, whilst a dedicated area for craft and catering makes for keeping crew well–fed and happy regardless of rain or sunshine.  Fitting rooms and a specialised make-up room and hair room are also available, along with various ‘green rooms’ and a private boardroom.

The unique façade and indoor architectural style of Salt River Studios boasts unusually high roof beams and an extensive gantry system to assist with lighting and complex rigging requirements that generally go hand in hand with complex studio shoots.  Exceptionally high roller shutter doors mean any unusual equipment or even cranes, scissor lifts or “condors” can easily be used inside the studios, offering any rigging or construction crew the chance to bring in heavy back-up machinery they are used to.  Very strong cement floors are capable of carrying abnormal loads, highlighting the unique double-ended access doors the studios offer.  Having previously been a heavy industrial workshop means the studio’s electrical wiring system carries ample power supply for even the heaviest of machines and tools, and lighting equipment.  We offer two separate 150 Amp 3phase power points, which are distributed via 63 Amp plug point outlets, situated at opposite ends of the studio.  In addition to this we also have 400 Amps of house power with power lock system available.

Our mission at Salt River Studios is to offer affordable studio facilities to local and international visitors to Cape Town.  Of utmost importance to us is the all important S-word.  Service, service and service.  Our goal is to provide a shooting facility that is safe, secure, clean, convenient and professional where our clients can turn their dreams into reality.  Salt River Studios aims to accommodate everything from feature films and TV. Productions to music videos, game shows, commercials and still photography projects. Salt River Studios is also available for large scale functions and corporate launches.

Daily, weekly and monthly packages will offer flexibility, giving a variety of producers and budgets the chance to build their sets in these unique studios situated literally in the heart of Cape Town.

Salt River Studios strives for excellence in every aspect of its operation and will stick to the following simple rules.

  • Maintaining the highest level of studio management.
  • Meet, achieve or exceed every client’s expectations.
  • Work with each client to create an intuitive production plan.
  • Define success as a job exceptionally well done.

Salt River Studios prides itself of clear communication with Production Teams and respects all confidential matters.